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Mike Scyphers

Scyphers, Mike 002_edited.jpg

Mike Scyphers is a Executive leader with over 30 years of experience in leading technology organizations predominantly in the financial services industry. He is currently employed as an Executive Advisor working with C-level executives for numerous large/global corporations and serves on several commercial / charity boards in addition to We Heart Harlie and Friends which he joined in 2021. As part his responsibilities on the board, Mike is chartered with leveraging technology to help improve our ability to support the families of medically fragile children.

“Prior to joining the board, I knew there were people in tough situations due to their children’s medical situations, but now having seen up close the challenges these families are often facing, I realize how little I understood their situations. I am simply in awe with how they deal with what sometimes seem like impossible circumstances. I under-estimated just how impactful even small donations can be."

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