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In 2013, when Harlie was hospitalized in Boston, a small group of family friends clubbed together to help her Dad and brothers visit and offer support. Later that year, the same group surprised the family by raising funds for a Disney vacation, one that would probably not have happened at that time, or perhaps ever. Two things sprang from that initiative. First, that our community was looking for a vehicle to help the Holton family, and second, that there were other families with similar challenges who also needed help.


That led, in 2014, to the formation of We Heart Harlie and Friends, a 501(c)3 charity with the goals of reducing worries, limits and fear while increasing hope, access and joy. Since that time, we have been able to provide well over $300,000 in support for families with medically fragile children. These funds help with travel expenses, special furniture, adapted vehicles, rent and utility bills, basically anything that can ease the financial strain these households experience. Over the almost ten years of its existence, the foundation has offered assistance to dozens of local families.  


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